Do without the annoying 3D glasses with this new movie screen

Yes, watching movies in 3D definitely enhances the movie experience, as it intensifies the illusion of depth perception, which is especially great for movies such as Avatar and Gravity.

Not too sure if I am the only one who experiences the annoyance of having a slight discomfort when wearing the glasses, or the thought of cleanliness of the glasses that bothers me slightly. These issues kept me from watching these spectacular movies in 3D even though I knew it would have given me a better movie experience.

So I was pleased to find out that MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) and Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science are working towards watching 3D movies without the annoying glasses!

Although 3D viewing without the cumbersome glasses already exists, it is only applicable to viewing on a smaller scale, such as television sets. This technology (known as "parallax barriers") has limitations, as the viewer must be in a specific position for the desired effect.

What this team of researchers brought to the table was a new method, Cinema 3D, which provides a parallax barrier tailored to the seat positions using a series of mirrors and lenses without compromising on the image-resolution quality.

However, it still is a work in progress and not yet ready to be out on the market. Cinema 3D currently requires 50 sets of lenses and mirrors and only works with a screen that is just about the size of a pad of paper, but researchers are optimistic about the potential of this discovery.

Source: http://news.mit.edu/2016/glasses-free-3d-larger-scale-0725




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