Sapporo Dome Transformation : From a baseball field to a football field in an afternoon

The Sapporo Dome is a stadium located in Toyohira-ku, Sapporo, Japan, and is used for baseball and football tournaments.

Opened in 2001. it is able to hold a maximum seating capacity of 53,738 spectators.

What makes this Sapporo Dome special is that it is able to switch from a baseball field to a football field within an afternoon!

How to they go about doing this:

  • First, they store the baseball field's artificial turf and retract the baseball plates into the ground till it becomes a flat surface.
  • Next, the seats at the lower rim are shifted and rotated to enable the football field to be slot in.
  • Once done, the football field is slid into the stadium, and conversion of the baseball field to a football field is completed!

Due to the retraction of seats, the stadium has a capacity of only 40,476 for the games.

Source: Sapporo Dome




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