MicroAd presents its next-gen drone service, “Sky Magic”

MicroAd, the company that manages Catalyst, unveiled their space digitilization “SkyMagic” service that utilizes drones on April 20th, at Chiba Prefecture’s Maihama Amphitheatre.

This will be the first installment of the next-gen project “MicroAd Magic!”, in which MicroAd welcomes Tsuyoshi Takashiro as the creative director.      

Using a drone that synchonizes with lights and sounds, the expressiveness of existing performances can be further enhanced at event venues, festival venues, fireworks displays, fashions shows, concerts, baseball stadiums, and more!

MicroAd’s Founder & CEO Kentaro Watanabe (left) and MicroAd Magic! Creative Director Tsuyoshi Takashiro (right)MicroAd’s Founder & CEO Kentaro Watanabe (left) and MicroAd Magic! Creative Director Tsuyoshi Takashiro (right)

At the presentation, footage of 25 drones flying in formation and flashing their LED lights synchronized to the music of a shamisen (Japanese traditional guitar) .

There was also a live demonstration of 5 drones flying in formation to live music at the venue itself which completely blew the audience away.

Although companies such as Intel have held similar performances that utilize drones before, Sky Magic is the first packaged service of its kind.

The number of drones that can be flown can be technically increased into the hundreds, or even thousands. Until now the Guiness World Record for the highest number of drones flown at one time is 100 (an Intel product.)

Mr. Watanabe has enthusiastically stated his intention to “fly more than 101 drones by the end of this year.”

While expressing that the project had only just begun, Mr. Takashiro emphasized that he would also like to use drones like dots of RGB in the future to create a flying display in an empty space.

Translated by Carley Radford




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